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News Flash: Britney Spears "lacked understanding" of her actions
Marriages just aren't what they used to be.

Then again, the marriages of stars have always been more circus than sacrament, so the latest performance piece from pop-diva Britney Spears should come as no surprise -- but it does present news media with a fantastic opportunity to put up a few frivolous pictures of the entertainment world's most famous ex-virgin.

The story is familiar to anyone with even a transistor radio by this time, anywhere in the world. Even Chinese state media carried copy about the "marriage" between Spears and her hometown pal Jason Allen Alexander -- and the ensuing bid for an annulment.

The Chinese media were a little less forgiving than many of their Western counterparts, of course, branding the event as a "hoax marriage" and pointing out, in a tut-tutting manner, that Spears "has posed nude on magazine covers and even kissed pop singer Madonna during last year's MTV awarding ceremony."

But for the real dirt, no one has better coverage than People Magazine, which, as an AOL property, has opened up much of its editorial content for online viewing. Today's "top story" in the online version of the magazine is headlined "Bride Britney Back to Bachelorette" and carries a quote from the now former Mr Spears (Alexander) uttered on CNN: ""It was just crazy, man. And we were just looking at each other and said, 'Let's do something wild, crazy. Let's go get married, just for the hell of it.'"

People says: "The wedding plan apparently was hatched Friday night while Spears and Alexander were partying at Ghostbar, the hip club in the Palms Casino Hotel. A hotel bellman shuttled the couple to the chapel.

Chapel staff told the couple that they couldn't get married without a license, so the pair rode by limo to the Clark County Marriage Bureau office in the downtown Las Vegas courthouse at some point after 12:30 a.m. on Saturday. They applied for and were granted the marriage license, then rode back to the chapel, where they were married. "

On her official website, Spears' handlers say only that she and "a friend took a joke too far by getting married. Britney and Mr Alexander have filed for annulment which will become official on Monday, January 5th."

That marriage licence is on display here, and the subsequent annulment petition -- successful, as of today -- is online here at The Smoking Gun, a website well known for its extraordinary gallery of celebrity mugshots.

In the annulment petiton, Spears, 22, says her marriage to hometown pal Alexander, also 22, should be dissolved because she "lacked understanding of her actions to the extent that she was incapable of agreeing to marriage because before entering into the marriage the Plaintiff and Defendant did not know each others likes and dislikes, each others desires to have or not have children, and each others desires as to State of residency."

Today, the papers were signed by Clark County Family Court Judge Lisa M. Brown, wrapping up yet another episode in Spears' frenetic life.

The staid BBC News notes that the Spears marriage was far from the only set of "celebrity nuptials" with a super short shelf life.

It making the case that celebrity marriages are often short and rarely sweet, it points to the one day marriage of Zsa Zsa Gabor to Felipe de Alba in 1982, Drew Barrymore's three week union with Welsh barman Jeremy Thomas in 1994, Lisa Marie Presley's 107 days of wedded bliss with actor Nicolas Cage, Jennifer Lopez's seven months with dancer Cris Judd in 2001 and Shannen Doherty's five months with Ashley Hamilton (most recently seen starring as Paris Hilton's partner in a widely circulated bit of triple-X home video).

Leaving us with only one truly shocking detail that all the coverage of this event has finally hammered home: Britney is from a very small, poor town (Kentwood, population 2,656, average income $US15,475) in the deep South of America (Louisianna) -- meaning her global stardom, achieved while she was still in her middle teens, amounts to an undeniable modern (secular) miracle.

With that in mind, we say she deserves to do whatever she wants.

Note: As befits a serious news organ, the BBC's photo of Britney is quite demure.


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Paris Hilton's Steamy Home Movie

by Lia Haberman
Nov 6, 2003, 1:30 PM PT

Paris Hilton, star of Fox's upcoming riches-to-rags reality series Simple Life, is no stranger to slumming it.

But an amateur skin flick may be more than the hotel heiress bargained for.

a d v e r t i s e m e n t

Reports have surfaced of a steamy sex video, featuring 22-year-old Hilton, which could soon be available on the Internet à la Tommy and Pamela's infamous romp. The tape has supposedly been sent to several gossip columnists.

Shot about three years ago, the tape features the then barely legal celebutante getting X-rated with Shannen Doherty's on-again, off-again husband, 33-year-old Rick Salomon.

Here's a quick recap of the relationship complexities.

Hilton and Salomon used to date. Salomon then hooked up with Doherty and, after a whirlwind courtship, wed the former Charmed star in February 2002. Nine months later, he went back to former flame Hilton, which subsequently lead to a catfight between the two ladies. He has since reportedly reconciled with Doherty.

According to sources quoted in the New York Post who have seen the footage, Hilton "keeps staring into the camera and trying to show her best side…She knows she is being taped, and [Salomon] keeps trying to get her into sex positions that are better for taping, if you know what I mean."

However, the viewing public may never get to see Hilton's come-hither stares. Her parents have threatened legal action against anyone who releases the tape.

"The Hilton family is greatly saddened at how low human beings will stoop to exploit their daughter Paris, who is sweet-natured, for their own self-promotion as well as profit motives," read a statement released last Wednesday.

"Paris is working very hard on her career. The release of a private tape between a younger girl and her older boyfriend is more than upsetting...Anyone in any way involved in this video is guilty of criminal activity and will be...vigorously prosecuted."

Salomon, an Internet gambling site owner, recently launched a too-hot-for-TV video venture called Beverly Hills Pimps & Ho's. The supposedly upscale version of Girls Gone Wild sheds a "scandalous" light on the "saddest, richest and hottest girl of Beverly Hills."

However, his reps have denied Salomon is involved in marketing the video. A number for his company has been disconnected.

Meanwhile, a rep for Hilton tells the Post, "This was something she did with Rick while they were dating, after he was no longer with Doherty, and it was something that was intended for their own personal use. This tape was never intended to be viewed by the public, and it is in poor taste that someone has decided to release it."

(Earlier this year, when rumors of the tape first surfaced, Hilton denied its existence, telling New York magazine that Salomon was "a complete liar and scumbag.")

No matter when the rendezvous took place, Doherty is unlikely to be amused.

Last March, she and Hilton clashed at a Los Angeles party after her estranged husband spent 10 days shacked up at the Beverly Hills Hotel with the notorious party girl.

Hilton had allegedly left threatening messages on the actress' answering machine warning her away from Salomon and, depending on the source, screamed at Doherty on sight, "Leave Rick alone!"

However, a rep for Hilton told the Post at the time that Doherty was the aggressor. "Shannen grabbed Paris' face and punched her. Then Shannen followed her and egged her car and wrote profanities on her car in red lipstick."

The actress' spokesperson denied the allegations and besides, "Shannen doesn't wear red lipstick," said the rep.

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